top 3 pitfalls for weight loss

top 3 pitfalls for weight loss

You might think you are doing everything right and your weight loss efforts are still stuck, or worse, you will find the scale going in the wrong direction! You may have successfully lost your weight, but now the number on the scale is crawling back up. 

What’s going on here? Well, there are some common pitfalls that people tend without realizing that they are sabotaging their efforts. Here are the three most common:

1. Skimp on protein.

Starting your day with a full protein will increase the brain chemicals that not only improve sleep but also improve moods due to its tryptophan content. This amino acid is a precursor to the good feeling hormone serotonin that makes you feel happy and motivated. Serotonin becomes melatonin, which helps you sleep at night. Sleeping less than 6 hours a day is associated with low-grade chronic inflammation, insulin resistance and an increased risk of obesity and type 2 diabetes. Sleep is essential to maintaining a healthy weight and protein is important for comfortable sleep. Adequate protein in the morning weakens appetite throughout the day and studies have shown that starting the day with clean protein instead of carbohydrates can reduce your risk of fatigue by up to 75% for 6 hours and increase your energy within 30 minutes! (Better exercise!) One study found that women who included protein in breakfast lost 65% faster weight.

2. Do the same exercise every day. 

When you follow a steady exercise program, your body becomes more efficient and you no longer burn a lot of calories. You must either increase your intensity or change your routine regularly if you want to keep losing weight. Your body is intelligently created and when you do the same 3 miles on a treadmill or the same kettlebell exercise every day, your body adapts. Just change your routine – intensity, number of actors, speed and even specific exercises every few weeks to keep your body amazed and burn maximum calories. It is one of my recommendations in my book, today still.

3. No drinking water. 

Do not be concerned with eating healthy foods that you omit from drinking enough water. Maintaining moisture reduces hunger, increases the number of calories you burn and improves your body’s ability to burn body fat for energy. Drink 16 ounces. 15-30 minutes before meals boosts metabolism 24-30% over the next hour to 1.5 hours.
My main recommendation is to ounce your body weight, including a teaspoon. Of untreated natural salt per 32 ounces.

Do any of these pitfalls hinder your efforts? 

Ann Musico is a comprehensive health coach and independent nutritional consultant. She developed a “3D Living Program” to help her clients train in pulsating health and perfection – spirit, spirit, and body. Visit her website. Here