stomach balloon best an alternative to obesity surgery

stomach balloon best an alternative to obesity surgery

stomach balloon: With the rate of obesity increasing all over the world, patients are constantly looking for suitable solutions. Until recently, people who had been unable to combat obesity through diet, lifestyle, exercise or medication changes, had undergone bariatric surgery as a last resort but anxiety and fear of undergoing surgery due to the risks and associated complications prevented many patients from treatment.

New endoscopy procedures such as stomach balloon in India offer an alternative to obesity surgery

The development of new endoscopic procedures has bridged the gap between lifestyle interventions and bariatric surgery. With the use of non-invasive procedures such as a stomach balloon, highly skilled obesity surgeons provide good solutions for weight loss. Through endoscopy procedures, experts reduce risks and complications and increase the chances of success among patients worldwide. Better health benefits and quality of life improved successfully with new endoscopy procedures.

Performing a stomach balloon in India

Stomach balloon is an innovative, non-surgical option for patients looking for a good treatment for obesity. With the use of advanced endoscopy techniques, the leading obesity surgeons in India are doing their best to provide the best results for obesity patients worldwide. Being a safe, reversible technology that requires no cracks, the stomach balloon has become widely popular. In this procedure, with the use of endoscopy techniques, the inflatable balloon is inserted into the patient’s stomach. Once the balloon swells and takes up space in the patient’s stomach, hunger decreases. This helps patients eat less food, thereby enabling effective weight loss. With changing eating patterns, driving a healthier lifestyle becomes easy.
Stomach balloon best alternative to obesity surgery
While obesity is difficult to deal with, it may be an experience in fear of bariatric surgery. For individuals who do not want to perform surgery to lose weight effectively, a new endoscopy procedure – a stomach balloon is the best option.

Some of the reasons why the gastric balloon is an alternative to bariatric surgery are:

Non-surgical procedure

As a non-surgical procedure, patients do not fear the risks of surgery. Through endoscopy techniques, the silicone balloon is placed in the stomach and amplified with a saline solution. As the balloon swells, the weight loss process begins without any complicated procedures or changes in body physiology.

Effective weight loss within

six months of the procedure, patients will experience a significant weight loss. Even after removing the balloon, patients continue to lose weight and maintain a healthy and active life. Long-term weight loss results are one of the main reasons for choosing a stomach balloon for weight loss.

A healthier life

Once the patients fall into the new diet routine and the exercises provided during the stomach balloon, they continue the same age. It not only helps maintain standard weight but also helps prevent obesity-related diseases such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, and high blood pressure. With changes in eating habits, a healthy life becomes easier.

Affordable, affordable, affordable

Compared to other bariatric surgeries, the cost of a metallic balloon is much lower. Being affordable in nature with effective results, more and more people are choosing a stomach balloon as an alternative to bariatric surgery.

Fast recovery

Since patients do not undergo surgery, recovery is very fast. You just have to adapt to the feeling of fullness. With a short or no recovery period, you can continue your routine work with renewed enthusiasm for a healthier life.

With enhanced obesity treatment and successful results, the new endoscopic procedure for stomach balloon is quickly gaining in popularity. With a non-surgical stomach balloon in India, patients can easily lose weight and lead a healthy life free of health problems associated with obesity.