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Ozzy Osbourne’s Daughter Kelly Reveals Addiction Announcement

The Osbournes star Kelly Osbourne used the close of 2019 to form an admission about her own life and where she is heading in 2020. during a sincere year-end post on Instagram, Osbourne admitted to having an alcohol problem and is devoting her New Year to staying sober.

Ozzy Osbourne’s Daughter Kelly Reveals Addiction Announcement

The lengthy caption accompanied a series of photos from across 2019 and addressed her decision to be sober going forward. “2019 has been one hell of a year. In some ways, it has been amazing especially in terms of self-growth. In some ways, it has been gut-wrenchingly difficult,” Osbourne wrote on Instagram. “However, through all the good and bad it has been incredibly educational on my behalf me. I even have come to the assumption that I constantly put the wants of others before my very own. I allow myself to be put in situations that make me feel uncomfortable for fear of upsetting somebody else.

“Not forgetting the number of times I co-sign the bulls— of others. With almost 2 1/2 years of sobriety under my belt, I still struggle with confrontation (which was NEVER a haul once I used to be using) Well this all STOPS today.

“2020 goes to be the year of me!!! It’s time to place myself first, stop taking over other people’s shit and be the badass sober women I used to be born to be. [Happy New Year]
I love you guys “

The post comes on the heels of reports that Osbourne’s father,

rock legend Ozzy, is on his “deathbed” and seems to be preparing for the top of his life.
“Ozzy is in chronic pain and begging to be put out of his misery!” an insider claimed to Radar Online. “He’s in such bad shape that he didn’t even notice Sharon wasn’t there.”

According to the report, Osbourne and wife Sharon didn’t celebrate together over the vacations. Sharon Osbourne traveled to England with Kelly Osbourne as a part of a piece of commitment. Ozzy Osbourne was reportedly unable to fly thanks to his health, leaving him aside from his wife and daughter.

Son Jack Osbourne and daughter Aimee Osbourne were left behind within us to tend to the ailing rocker, but it marked the primary time in 40 years that he was separated from his wife during the vacations.
Osbourne experienced a medical emergency earlier in 2019 after falling in his home. April confirmed the rock legend had fallen in his home during the night, dislodging metal rods placed in his back following 2003 motorcycle accident.

While he was doing well at the time together with his recovery, current reports indicate he’s facing a troublesome battle. Sharon Osbourne has fought similar reports within the past,
“The thing is, why to be so like, ‘crazy train?’ How disrespectful to anyone…I’d just wish to say something, Ozzy ain’t going nowhere,” Sharon Osbourne said on an episode of The Talkback in October.

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