Is Maura West leaving General Hospital? What will happen?

Maura West has become one among the simplest female villains on General Hospital. One minute you’re rooting for her, and therefore the next, she is putting a devious plan into motion.

Is Maura West leaving General Hospital? What will happen?

After watching the foremost recent General Hospital episode, viewers are wondering if Maura West is leaving the show and if Ava is dead.

Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) threw her over the sting of Wyndemere, resulting in speculation she is going to fall to her death. He came up with the right scenario together with her recent mental breakdown and therefore the amount she had to drink while waiting on his wedding to Nina (Cynthia Watros).
It appears that Ava won’t die from her fall. While it looked dangerous and tomorrow’s previews don’t include seeing her in the least, next week, there are indications she is going to be back on screen. Could someone be around to save lots of her following the damaging fall?
Things in Port Charles are getting to devour, especially with the reality about Nikolas (Marcus Coloma) beginning shortly. Will he be the one who saved Ava 

from Valentin’s attempt at murdering her?

The two have a sordid past, but sticking it to Valentin are some things they will both agree on. Ava isn’t dead, but how badly she is going to be hurt remains to be seen. Her relationship with the people of Port Charles isn’t great, though she does have her brother Julian (William DeVry) on her side.

It does appear that she is going to pull through the incident, though, resulting in speculation she may get the revenge she has been seeking. With 2020 revelations being the theme for General Hospital, the town is certain several surprises as February sweeps meet up with and closer. Maura West has won several viewers over as Ava Jerome, and seeing her go would be devastating.

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC.