How Jennifer Lopez is gearing up for Super Bowl LIV

Jennifer Lopez could not have her zeal to perform the next Super Bowl LIV show at the end of the first half. This 50-year-old star worked tirelessly for months to create an audience that viewers remembered, and it bothered him resembling “winning an Academy Award.”

How Jennifer Lopez is gearing up for Super Bowl LIV

In the footsteps of the big and well-known names before it, including Maroon 5, Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Bruno Mars and Madonna, and other big names, the other half of Alex Rodriguez appears to be 100 percent dedicated to this task. She has already provided her fan base with tons of sneak peek behind the scenes with social media rehearsals. Lopez was first chosen at the 14 Pepsi Super Bowl live in September when her participation in the Colombian Shakira contest was also announced.

“We are so excited to announce that two world stars Jennifer Lopez and Shakira will take the stage together for the first time at the 14th Pepsi Super Bowl Live. We worked closely behind the scenes with our old NFL partners, and now alongside Rock Nation to collect these huge stars “It is testament to our partnership and our commitment to advance the envelope of what is possible,” Adam Hartter, senior vice president of sports, media, and entertainment at PepsiCo said in a statement.

This mixed picture shows actress-singer Jennifer Lopez performing at Direct Super Saturday Night in Minneapolis on February 3, 2018, to the left, and Shakira sings in Madison Square Garden in New York on August 10, 2018. NFL, Pepsi, and Rock announced “Nation” On Thursday, September 26, 2019, Lopez and Shakira will participate in the Pepsi Halftime Show on February 2, 2020, at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida (Michael Zorn / Invision / AP)

Pepsi Marketing Vice President Todd Kaplan shared the joy of JLo joining the ranks of Super Bowl.
“Pepsi became a Super Bowl second half One of the most popular and anticipated musical performances of the year, and we couldn’t be more enthusiastic about receiving Jennifer Lopez and Shakira at the theater. I am sure it will be a great performance for ages.”
To get ready for the big party, JLo has told her 110 million Instagram followers how busy she is in preparation for the event.
In September, JLo enthusiastically shared her first announcement of her performance and Shakira
with the comment, “It Happens. 02.02.20”. The post received more than 1.3 million likes.

“Going to set the world on sha @ Shakira #PepsiHalftime #SuperBowlLIVpepsi,” the icon wrote another comment showing her and Shakira in gold and black clothes.
The announcement of the JLo show came at the end of the first half following the role of the singer in the movie “Hustlers”, a perfume and performance release on “Saturday Night Live”, among other projects.

In December, her fiance, ARod, took responsibility for the photographer by giving fans a sneak peek at one of her rehearsals. The thrilling husband’s husband exited the camera with a crowd of dozens of little girls who joined the icon on stage at a dance show.
In another teaser on the TikTok app on January 12, the ringtone maker showed young dancers learning to choreography “On The Ground”.

JLo commented on TikTok’s clip: “Face the challenge and dance to On The Floor with me! I’m going to share some of my favorites.”
At Golden Globes, the singer artist by Entertainment Tonight was stopped on the red carpet as she confidently shared that she was “ready”.
“I’m ready. I’m excited about it. Shakira and I are carrying half the burden,” she joked. “We are working hard to offer a wonderful view of all.”
In another interview with the red carpet with the director, JLo admitted that her muscles were “painful” from her desired training program.
“Obviously, I will try to make the best show I can, but it’s also fun, stay present and enjoy all the cool things that are happening right now,” JL told a reporter earlier this month.
On January 19, JLo shared a selfie proving she stayed moist through her tough schedule. In the photo, I watched her filter from a blue water bottle studded with rhinestones with the history of Super Bowl.

She said: “Happy Sunday! ✌🏽week countdown until Super Bowl = It’s time for a new Bling Cup Head !!! Head to my TikTok to take over #JLoSuperBowlChallenge.”

Of course, another great part of the show adapts to the place. This year’s Super Bowl LIV will be held at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens. In a video posted ten days before the show, the star was in the actual field holding a microphone as she tried to test her soccer moves.

She said to the camera, “I’ll just be here on a line of 25 yards and wait for what’s coming.”
Super Bowl LIV will broadcast on Fox on Sunday at 6:30 pm. EST.