Family Quarrel’ contender wins $10,000 prize for ludicrous wrong answer: ‘Gracious my god

A “Family Quarrel” contender who became a web sensation after her off-base answer cost her $10,000 is currently getting an opportunity at reclamation — as a huge stock of free nourishment.

Family Quarrel’ contender wins $10,000 prize for ludicrous wrong answer: ‘Gracious my god

Family Quarrel' contender wins $10,000 prize for ludicrous wrong answer: 'Gracious my god

Eve Dubois committed the significant error while showing up on a scene of “Family Quarrel Canada” last Thursday. The video of her off-base answer, which has since been seen more than 1.3 multiple times, shows have Gerry Dee soliciting a sort from “abrupt demise”- style question.

“Genuine basic. There’s one inquiry. Just one answer. Whoever gets it, you’re playing for $10,000. That is it. Whoever surmises this dominates the match,” Dee says, before posing the inquiry. “Name Popeye’s preferred nourishment.”

Dubois hums in very quickly, furnishing her response with full certainty and a sure, shimmy-type move.

“Chicken,” she tells Dee excitedly.

Dee, who obviously accepted the inquiry was alluding to the cheap food chain, rather than the celebrated, spinach-cherishing animation character, left Dee clasped over with giggling. Her relatives can be heard out of sight heaving, as one even shouts, “Gracious my god.”

Dubois’s humorous misunderstanding cost her the $10,000 prize, as her rival eventually hummed in with the right answer. Be that as it may, the subsequent viral video appeared to pay off at last.

On Friday, Popeyes Chicken retweeted a video of Dubois’ presentation, labeling her in the message and requesting that she reach them so they could give her an incidental award — $10,000 worth of the chicken that was so obviously at the forefront of her thoughts.

“Our study says you got that right. DM us to guarantee your $10,000 worth of Popeyes. #LoveThatChickenFromPopeye,” the café network tweeted.

It’s hazy whether Dubois has reclaimed her prize yet, yet she’ll be in for an incredible treat when she does. Grub Road did some math the $10,000 prize and found that it is sufficient to buy 1,920 chicken sandwiches — or if she’s inclination liberal, 589 eight-piece chicken family suppers.

The offer comes following a time of steady features for Popeyes, as the organization propelled its now-dearest chicken sandwich, which quickly turned into a viral sensation and brought forth an epic online networking war with Chik-fil-A.