Enhance your health with intermittent fasting

intermittent fasting: There is a new trend in how we eat, or maybe I should say how often we eat. It is famous because of the way it helps individuals to get fit better without managing the effects of true desire. It also helps reduce the risk of chronic diseases, such as diabetes, cancer and heart disease.

Enhance your health with intermittent fasting

What is this new trend? “Intermittent fasting” or IF is the name of this plan.

Intermittent fasting is the same old thing. The truth is that if the road goes to our unique precursors. It is an eating system engraved in DNA because our ancestors were trained on a diminished diet. They had no way out. They didn’t have the type of iteration and simple entry into our feeding now.

Eating window

This new eating strategy is not just about skipping meals. It is about spending as much time as possible when fasting. The best way to determine the type of fasting is to think of it as just a change in eating patterns. In the case of IF, instead of three square meals a day, or eating some small meals throughout the day, there is a time window in which we are allowed to eat. This may take a few hours a day, or the fasting window may represent certain days of the week. During that time, we can eat whatever we want – partly because of the reason.
Our “eating window” spacing allows our brains to match our bodies so we can understand the true form of hunger.
If it is not about hunger. Fasting does not mean hunger, but it is not a diet either.

The literal definition is:

“Refrain from continuing and drinking during a specific time.”
If eating takes two meals per day instead of three (or complications) during which a 16-hour fast period is provided. You can choose either breakfast, lunch, or lunch and dinner, and this proves to be a powerful way to eat. The western world spends some time fasting. Real hunger is something we should only experience every 16-24 hours, not every four hours as we used to. For most people, there is constant grazing from dusk to dawn, and even late at night for some people.

No one will work for anyone who focuses his diet on processed foods like chips. Fasting requires us to stick to a mostly integrated diet, rich in vegetables, lean protein, healthy carbohydrates, and fats, for a better experience and faster benefits. The meals chosen for the day should be completely nutritious and balanced. It is estimated that one in every two people in the contemporary world is obese or overweight, and millions die from the complications caused by this fact. If this helps to manage body weight it is a powerful tool to extend shelf life as well.

Unless you eat a snack late at night, it is possible that you have already included some form of IF in your schedule, and that you fast for 12 hours a day. However, current research shows that some of the benefits of IF require longer periods of fasting, up to 20-24 hours depending on activity levels. Suggested benefits for IF in animals and people, such as the laundry list, read “I look better”, “I feel better” and “I live longer” …

Having a limited eating window is much less difficult then restricting your calories. IF is one of the simplest strategies for losing weight and maintaining good weight (muscle tissue) and requires a very simple change in behavior. Slowing the aging process, increasing energy levels and restarting the immune system are all benefits that are gained when incorporating IF into your diet. So what are you waiting for? Select the meal you want to enjoy going forward and choose the richest foods rich in nutrients to enjoy during that time. If you followed this protocol and combined it with intense strength training, I promise to see positive changes in your body and the feeling you feel.

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