Cryotherapy allows you to lead a healthy life even if you have arthritis

Cryotherapy allows you to lead a healthy life even if you have arthritis
Arthritis kills our quality of life, and ongoing pain as soon as you do normal easy tasks negatively affects our psyche and continues to live, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Did you realize that CryoTherapy was initially used to assist patients with rheumatoid joint inflammation?

Dr. Yamaguchi started in the late 1970s to freeze the temperature in brief periods on the outside of the skin (cryotherapy) to enable his patients to adapt to joint inflammation torment. Without extreme agony, patients had the option to effortlessly treat and endure moderate torment, regularly for a few days between medications.
Today, a full therapeutic sauna can provide the entire body about 8 to 10 times colder temperatures for the entire body in one go.

This relieves chronic inflammation in the joints, allowing the body to reuse while increasing collagen protein in the body. Many CryoTherapy believers tell how they were “changing life” for them. There is no longer any need to avoid their favorite activities or fall into motion and not move. Some people even managed to get rid of pain medications completely along with other arthritis medications.

How does cryotherapy do that?

Cryotherapy is known to help stimulate collagen protein, helping to strengthen bones, joints, tendons, and cartilage. Cryotherapy is also known to help reduce inflammation – chronic inflammation is responsible for much of the pain experienced by rheumatoid arthritis. We know that cryotherapy helps produce antioxidants in the blood, which is another thing that suffers from rheumatoid arthritis.

It is difficult to say exactly why it works so well or why those who suffer from arthritis divide by treating the entire body. We know it lowers histamine reactions in the body. Research is still going on, but when a 75-year-man with arthritis can go out and play tennis again with friends, there is something. It is not a coincidence.

A research study showed a marked improvement between the 1-3 cryotherapy sessions and after 10-15 sessions patients narrated the symptoms of regression and a sharp reduction in pain. When combined with physiotherapy, a small number of patients managed to get rid of their wheelchairs, while everyone noticed an improvement in their ease of movement. These results lasted for 6 months after treatment. Ask your doctor if you should try whole body cryotherapy, maybe you can get rid of these meds too?

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