Coronavirus: Lemon slices with warm water can save your life

Lady from China sends letter to the world on how to cure coronavirus
It’s no longer news that the coronavirus is invading the world now
This prompted a lady by the name of China Laila Ahmadi to write a letter to the world on how to prevent this dangerous virus called the Coronavirus.
Coronavirus: Lemon slices with warm water can save your life
Here is the letter below:
Hello, I’m Laila Ahmadi from China, a student at the Faculty of Medical Sciences at the University of Zanjan.
The Coronavirus or COVID-19 will sooner or later reach any country, and there’s little question that a lot of countries don’t have sophisticated diagnostic kits or equipment.

Please use as much “natural vitamin C as possible” to strengthen your immune system. Currently, the virus contains no vaccine or specific treatment. Unfortunately, due to the genetic mutation which made it very dangerous.
This disease appears to be caused by the gene fusion between a snake and a bat and has acquired the ability to infect mammals, including humans.

It is important to have a better knowledge of the disease:
Professor Chen Horin, CEO of the Beijing hospital, said:
 “Lemon slices during a glass of warm water can save your life.”

So whatever you do, take a look at this message and pass it on to other people!

Hot lemon can kill cancer cells!

Cut the lemon into three parts and put it in a glass, then pour hot water and turn it into (alkaline water), drink it every day, it will certainly benefit everyone.
Treatment with this extract destroys only malignant cells and doesn’t affect healthy cells.
Second, the acid in juice can regulate high vital sign, protect narrow arteries, regulate blood circulation, and reduce blood coagulation.
After reading the message, forward it to the person you’re keen on and look out of your personal health.
Tip: Professor Chen Horin notes that whoever receives this message is a minimum of bound to save someone’s life …
I did my job and that I hope you’ll help me develop it too.
God bless us.